Thursday, February 27, 2020

MGT599 MoD 5 Case Assign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

MGT599 MoD 5 Case Assign - Essay Example In this paper, efforts have been made to understand whether various organizational components complement the primary strategy of the company and consequently suitable recommendations has been provided. Kraft Foods is an American company that primarily operates in North America and Canada and is one of the largest consumer packaged goods companies in the United States (US). The company was started in 1903 but it was re-launched in 2012 with a culture of collaboration and innovation. The company has a total of thirty brands selling different food items such as cheese, toppings, beverages, dressings, snacks and spreads. According to the company, at least ten brands of the company generate about $500 million in sales. The company is growing steadily and presently has approximately 22500 employees operating in the US and Canada (Kraft Foods Group, 2014a; 2014b). In this paper, the strategic position of the company along with its organizational design, organizational culture, human resource management and strategic system will be discussed in an elaborate manner. The rationale behind this attempt is to understand the efficiency of the strategy of the company and mitigate issues that are acting as barrier to strategy implementation in the company. It was ascertained from various published reports of Kraft Foods that the company has undergone major changes in recent years such as collaboration with McDonalds and multiyear licensing agreement with Keurig Green Mountain. It is assumed that such major decisions also have a strong impact on a company’s strategy and performance (Kraft Foods Group, 2014c; 2014d). The paper will evaluate various reports and articles about the company, for the purpose of analyzing various strategic developments in the company in recent years. By means of in-depth study, it is expected that the pertaining strategic issue of the company will be recognized so that appropriate recommendations can

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